Florida Roller Coaster Called Universal Studios Rip It Rockit Stuck Vertical For Hours [Video]

A Florida roller coaster at Universal Studios was stuck in the vertical position for hours, leaving the people stranded.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, this Universal Studios roller coaster accident isn’t as bad as others, like those at Cedar Point or Six Flags Texas.

The first accident resulted in multiple injuries, but the Texas roller coaster had its safety harness come undone. A woman died due to that roller coaster accident, resulting in lawsuits.

The Florida roller coaster at Universal Studios is called the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. This Universal Studios roller coaster features a full body safety harness that wraps over the torso.

The reason this Florida roller coaster is designed this way is because the first portion of the track is literally fully vertical and other sections feature inverted loops where you’re spun facing the outside of the loop instead of the normal inside view. Riders lay on their backs as they’re raised to the first drop. At the tip of this peak, the Florida roller coaster got stuck and it took hours before the riders could get down.

The Universal Studios roller coaster accident fortunately did not cause any injuries, although one woman reported neck pain so she went to a hospital as a precaution. The roller coaster was troubled by technical issues for 12 hours before it was reopened.

This writer has personally ridden this Florida roller coaster many times. It’s actually quite fortunate they became stuck where they did instead of other places. Essentially, passengers were just forced to lay down on their backs for two hours instead of being in an awkward position. I have friends who became stuck on another Universal Studios roller coaster when it was completely upside down. Not a fun experience.

This is what the ride for this Florida roller coaster is supposed to be like: