Claire Goss Admits To Bathing Baby Only Once A Week, Sparks Online Debate

Mother, Claire Goss, has admit to only bathing her 3-month-old baby once every week, and sometimes every two weeks, and it has sparked an online debate among parents everywhere.

"I aim for once a week. It might not happen. I will confess, it has gone longer than a week," Goss told ABC News.

Many parents have the tendency of bathing their babies on a regular basis, many every single night as a bedtime routine.

Goss admits that her first child bathed at least once, sometimes twice a day, but now the mother of three, she says she just doesn't have time.

According to ABC News, Goss is a part-time blogger, and with a full schedule that includes working, having to be home to meet the bus, getting her other son, Peter, to pre-school, and taking care of the home, she says she realizes that she can't keep up the routine of bathing her 3-month-old son every single night.

"What I realized now after five years of parenting children is, he's not a dirty kid, he's a baby," she said.

Goss says that her kid's pediatrician is actually on board with her decision to not bathe her kids every day.

According to the Daily Mail, when her pediatrician warned her that her second child's skin was getting dried out from too many baths, she eased up.

"In my gut I don't think he needs it," she said. "He is a happy baby, he is a healthy baby... What I realized now after five years of parenting children is, he's not a dirty kid, he's a baby."

When Goss wrote about it on Babble, a site owned by The Walt Disney Co., she got a lot of opinions both agreeing, and disagreeing with her.

No matter what others opinions are, Goss seems happy with her decision.

So what is Claire Goss' nightly routine with her 3-month-old son? The Daily Mail says that the little man's nighttime routine involves a diaper change, and washing his hands and face.

[Image via Shutterstock/Oksana Kuzmina]