Michelle And Jim Bob Duggar Going For Lucky Baby No. 20

Michelle Duggar and husband Jim Bob Duggar are trying for lucky baby No. 20.

The 19 Kids and Counting stars are hoping to once again force a series name change at TMC.

Talking to Celebrity Baby Scoop the 47-year-old Michelle said she and husband Jim Bob hope to be "blessed" with another mouth to feed. The happy mother of 19 healthy children says of their journey towards another child, "I would hope, but we are not expecting right now. I would be so grateful if the Lord blessed us with another one. We're trying at this point and we shall see if that is a possibility. If not, we are so thankful and grateful for the ones that God has given us so far. We are also definitely enjoying our grandbabies! They are so precious."

When asked if having 19 children has put a toll on her body Michelle Duggar said she feels on top of the world. The happy and proud momma adds, "I think that exercising and eating right definitely makes a difference. My health is good and I am grateful for that. I think it could be different; every person struggles with different things, but I am so grateful that my health is good and I am able to enjoy running and chasing my little ones around at this point in my life."

Michelle Duggar suffered from a very public miscarriage in December 2011. After her miscarriage Michelle Duggar proclaimed, "Our prayer is that baby Duggar's passing will help us all realize that this life is short, and our relationship with Jesus is the most important thing. He gives us a peace in our hearts as He guides us through whatever we might face."

The couple last gave birth to daughter Josie Duggar in December 2009. Josie was born very early by way of c-section and weighed less than two pounds. For much of the family's following season on TLC fans of the show watched as Josie was nursed back to health and eventually allowed to head home with her parents.

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