Obamacare ‘Raped My Future,’ Recent College Grad Claims

Obamacare has raped my future, recent college grad claims

A person who identifies herself as Ashley Dionne, 26, evidently believes that Obamacare, a.k.a. the Affordable Care Act, is “raping” her future.

She posted her thoughts about Obamacare on talk show host Dennis Prager’s Facebook page, an open letter that has attracted a lot of attention.

Dionne was motivated to express herself on social media after mainstream news outlets gave an inordinate amount of publicity to a young man who successfully signed up for Obamcare coverage through the healthcare exchange — someone who apparently turned to be a volunteer for the Obama campaign’s Organizing for America group. The Healthcare.gov website went live on Tuesday, but has been fraught with technical glitches.

Dionne writes that she graduated from the University of Michigan in 2009 and obtained a second degree from Baker College in 2012, but has encountered difficulties finding full-time work. Her Facebook posting read in part:

“I have asthma, ulcers, and mild cerebral palsy. Obamacare takes my monthly rate from $75 a month for full coverage on my ‘Young Adult Plan,’ to $319 a month. After $6,000 in deductibles, of course. Liberals claimed this law would help the poor. I am the poor, the working poor, and I can’t afford to support myself, let alone older generations and people not willing to work at all. This law has raped my future. It will keep me and kids my age from having a future at all.This is the real face of Obamacare and it isn’t pretty.”

Dionne subsequently told the Campus Reform website that “I wanted to get my message about Obamacare out, because I’m being directly and negatively affected by it, but I know it’s not just me. Obamacare will make my life more difficult. It will hurt more people than it will help.”

Do you think this young woman’s concerns about Obamacare are well founded? Have your insurance rates been affected by the Obamacare implementation either positively or negatively?