San Francisco SWF Needs Roommate, Posts Amazing Visual Ad To Craigslist

Apparently finding a roommate can be difficult in San Francisco, and you don’t need us to tell you that having to resort to Craigslist to get one can be a terrifying proposition.

Lauren Fahey is a fresh face in SF, having just moved from New York City. Being new, a twentysomething, a SWF and alone, she needs a roommate stat.

To get one, she put together the amazing graphic you see below, in an effort to set herself apart from hundreds of thousands of other Craigslist ads and possibly to make her seem a bit more approachable.

In the post, she uses quotes from previous roomies and lists a few perks you get out of sharing rent and utilities with her. She’s clean, she’s considerate, and she can put together one hell of a cocktail.

Former roommate Daphna also writes that Lauren “doesn’t judge,” which any single twentysomething can tell you is a ridiculously valuable quality to have in a roomie.

Lauren posted the flyer to Craigslist (though it has since expired) and also tweeted it. It’s getting tons of attention online today, but so far, no roommate.

You can check out Lauren Fahey’s awesome Craigslist roommate ad below. If you’re looking for a roomie in the San Francisco area and think you two would be a decent match, you can get at her on Twitter.

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