Connie Britton Joins Other Celebrities Supporting Obamacare

Connie Britton Joins Other Celebrities Supporting Obamacare

Connie Britton is all in for Obamacare.

The actress joined a number of other celebrities who have voiced their support of the Affordable Care Act and urged uninsured Americans to sign up for new Obamacare exchanges.

The celebrities have leaned on their vast network of Twitter followers for support, sending messages with the hashtag “#GetCovered.”

Aside from Connie Britton, others joining the chorus to support Obamacare include Amy Poehler and Lady Gaga.

One of the biggest splashes came from Vampire Diaries actress Nina Dobrev, who stripped down in an attempt to draw attention to Obamacare. Dobrev took a picture of herself topless holding a sign that read “#getcovered” across her chest.

Dobrev is one of the most interesting celebrities to join the fight, as she isn’t even American.

“Im Canadian. We have healthcare for all. If you dont have insurance go to and #GetCovered, Because w/o it, youre naked,” she wrote.

The future of Obamacare is uncertain. Though it has been passed by Congress, signed by President Obama, and upheld by the Supreme Court, a group of Republicans are targeting the law. The group of mostly Tea Party Republicans has insisted that they will not vote for a measure to pay the government’s bills unless Obamacare is defunded or delayed. As a result, the government has been locked in a shutdown for more than a week.

Connie Britton is busy outside of her Obamacare advocacy. She has been on board for a movie spinoff of the television series Friday Night Lights, but said not all the actors share her enthusiasm.

“There’s been a lot of talk about a lot of things. Some people are really excited about it and some people aren’t,” Britton said.

Kyle Chandler, who played coach Eric Taylor in the show, seems to be one of the hesitant ones. Connie Britton said Chandler pointed out that the television series was already based on a movie, which itself was based on a book.