Facebook gets its own SIM card, now every phone can Facebook


Mark this down in the annals of man’s greatest achievements. Thanks to Gemalto, a digital security firm, we know havea SIM card that will allow all the GSM phones in the world to have a built-in Facebook client.

Never mind Facebook building their own smartphone. That would be mundane and boring. No let’s build it right into the SIM chip that every smartphone needs in order to work.

As a spokesperson for Facebook told AllFacebook

We worked closely with Gemalto on their Facebook for SIM product and believe it will be another easy and affordable way for people to stay connected through Facebook on the mobile phone of their choice. Facebook for SIM creatively combines technologies from some of our existing mobile solutions that especially are attractive for people with feature phones and have limited or no data plans with a mobile operator. Through the Facebook application on the SIM card people can: Update their status and view comments on it; write on their friends wall; receive notifications; find friends on their SIM phonebook.

Isn’t that just grand?

via Redmond Pie