Burger King Changes Name To Fries King, Customers Aren’t Amused

Burger King recently revealed on social media that the company’s new name is Fries King. Fans of the fast food chain aren’t exactly impressed with the new campaign.

In order to push its new “satisfries” on the masses, the restaurant is temporarily swapping names to reflect its current obsession with french-fried potatoes. However, customers haven’t responded too positively to the name change on Twitter and Facebook.

“They’re trying to raise awareness for their new less-fat fries, so they’ve probably been able to do that. I think it serves a purpose, but it’s certainly not the most brilliant promotion I’ve ever seen,” Protagonist CEO and founder Matti Leshem told Business Insider.

In addition to changing its name on social media, Burger King also transformers a few of its restaurants to Fries King. The rebranding reportedly includes a new logo and changes to in-store merchandising.

According to Ad Week, the marketing campaign for the chain’s new french fries caused a fair amount of confusion on social media. Some people were a little shocked to learn that Burger King had changed its name to Fries King for a limited time.

“Can’t tell if it’s true or not but did Burger King really change their name to Fries King…? I don’t… what,” one confused customer recently tweeted.

“Fries King only tells everyone that your burger can’t compete with anyone else,” another customer posted on the micro-blogging site.

Curious to see what other people think about Burger King’s new campaign? Check out a few reactions to the rebrand below.

What do you think about Burger King temporarily changes its name to Fries King? Do you feel the ad campaign is a success or a failure?

[Image via Burger King / Facebook]