French Fry Burger Coming To Burger King This September [Photo]

Burger King is all set to unleash its French Fry Burger onto unsuspecting stomachs next month.

Now that summer is wrapping up, the fast food chain is hoping customers are ready to pack on a little winter weight. The company will begin offering the odd creation on its Dollar Menu this September for a limited time. In other words, enjoy it while you can.

Although the chain’s French Fry Burger is only a buck, this doesn’t mean the offering isn’t a certified calorie bomb. According to The Associated Press, the menu item contains 19 grams of fat and a whopping 360 calories. Moderation is definitely suggested.

Burger King is currently looking for ways to compete with the likes of McDonald’s for your fast food dollar. Coming up with new additions to the company’s Dollar Menu must be incredibly difficult these days. The company apparently didn’t spend a lot of time trying to develop something truly remarkable. Instead, it simply went cheap.

The Daily Meal points out that the French Fry Burger is just one of the chain’s iconic hamburgers with four fries placed under the bun. It might cost only a dollar, but the same experience can be found if you get a Whopper combo meal.

It may not be the most creative piece of culinary artwork to come down the fast food pipeline, but the new French Fry Burger won’t cost Burger King that much cash to make. Since the company is simply putting fries on a burger, there’s really no added cost to the restaurant involved in its creation.

Burger King could face some stiff competition from the likes of McDonald’s in coming days. The nation’s favorite fast food chain is preparing to add Mighty Wings to its menu in the near future. Other restaurants are looking for alternatives to compete with the behemoth’s new offering.

What do you think about Burger King’s French Fry Burger?

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