October 6, 2013
Groom Forgets To Book Wedding Venue, Makes Bomb Threat To Clear It Out

Ladies, this is why sometimes its best to leave men out of the wedding planning altogether.

A British man confessed in court Thursday to calling in a bomb threat to a Liverpool wedding venue after he forgot to book the joint for his own nuptials.

Neil McArdle called St. George's Hall and said that there was an explosive in the building. Afterwards, he proceeded as normal and even let his unknowing fiance show up in her wedding dress ready to go. Instead of her guests and her wedding party, the place was occupied primarily by police.

The 36-year-old admitted to making the bomb hoax call, and faces jail time.

Sources say it was all an attempt to simply buy himself some time, reports The Liverpool Echo. He was meant to have filled out forms to reserve the hall, but on his big day, realized that he had neglected to complete the forms and turn them in.

"He realized that he hadn't filled this form in. But he hadn't got the heart to tell his missus and her family," said a source. "The whole wedding party turned up to this bomb scare and then they found out there was no actual booking."

After he showed up with his wedding party, police started asking questions. They noted that McArdle didn't have a reservation on the books, and he made a full confession.

Employees at St. George's took the call very seriously.

"I never had a chance to ask anything. As soon as he said there was a bomb, he put the phone down. I told my manager and he said to ring the police and clear the building," said Marie Harnick, the receptionist who answered the call. "It all happened very quickly."

McArdle will be sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court later this month. He and his fiance are still un-married, though reportedly still together. Calling in a bomb threat to secure your wedding venue is pretty romantic, I guess.

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