Norfolk Bomb Threat: Was Another 9/11 Plot Foiled?

A bomb threat in Norfolk, Virginia, on Wednesday had police officers on full alert. They carried out mandatory inspections of all trucks using the Hampton Roads Bridge.-Tunnel as well as the Monitor-Merrimac.

The spot checks had traffic backed up hard on the I-64 and I-664, northbound. The tunnels were finally reopened just after 3 pm after local and State Police and the FBI, were satisfied that the time-frame for the bomb threat was over.

The authorities in charge of the Norfolk bomb threat released an official statement with details of the threat:

“At approximately 7:50 a.m., Wednesday (Sept. 11, 2013), Virginia State Police received a phone call regarding a bomb threat within the Hampton Roads region. The threat included a timeframe for the threat to occur, which has since expired. At this time, no incidents have been reported anywhere in the Hampton Roads region.
As a precautionary measure, state police immediately stepped up patrols within the region as well as initiated commercial vehicle inspections along Interstates 64 and 664. For the safety of the motoring public, the inspections will continue throughout the day due to it being the anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks.
State police have also been working with federal and local law enforcement to evaluate the threat, and to supplement patrol and inspection resources. The incident remains under investigation.
Due to the nature of today’s anniversary, state police across the Commonwealth have been on heightened alert for the safety of the Commonwealth and its citizens.”

The full details regarding the exact nature of the bomb threat and where it originated are yet to be confirmed. Authorities are remaining quiet and perhaps a little mysterious about the threat.

This is leading some online commentators to ask the question. Was this another 9/11 plot, foiled by the police, which is being kept hush hush? After all, for authorities to carry out such massive checks, backing up traffic for miles, it is assumed a serious threat was received by the police.

The following important message was sent Via Twitter by the Hampton Roads Transit:

Please be suspicious of anything unattended on HRT’s vehicles or property. Tell a cop, or call HRT Safety and Security at 757-222-6134.