'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' Debuts First Trailer [Video]

In the wake of the passing of author Tom Clancy earlier this week Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is getting a new trailer following the release of a new poster with Chris Pine.

The new film, based on Clancy's CIA operative, focuses on a younger Ryan who is put in the middle of an international conspiracy to cripple the US economy with a cyber attack.

Jack Ryan must go to Moscow to try to stop Viktor Cherevin, the Russian villain in Shadow Recruit, played by director Kenneth Branagh and even though Ryan is not an action hero per se, he is seen kicking some serious ass in the trailer.

This film is not based on an actual novel by the late Tom Clancy, but it's just a spin-off of the very popular character who has been played in previous films by Alec Baldwin (The Hunt For Red October), Harrison Ford (Patriot Games, Clear And Present Danger), and Ben Affleck (The Sum Of All Fears),

Jack Ryan in Shadow Recruit is just learning the ropes of the business he will take on throughout his life, willingly or unwillingly. And it has some repercussions at home.

British actress Keira Knightley plays Cathy Ryan, Jack's wife, who in this film is suspicious of her husband's activities and follows him to Moscow only to discover what he actually does for a living and why he has been hiding the truth from her.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit also stars Kevin Costner, Colm Fiore, Gemma Chan, and Karen David. The film is scheduled to be released on December 25.