Microsoft Executive Positions To Be Filled By Senior Engineers

If you’re running a tech company it would make sense that you put tech engineers in executive positions but that hasn’t always been the situation at Microsoft, a fact CEO Steve Ballmer is attempting to fix.

According to recent reports, Ballmer is putting into action a plan that will promote some of the company’s most senior engineers into executive positions in which Microsoft has lagged behind competitors including Google and Apple, areas such as Cloud Computing and Mobile.

The move to bring in a more tech savvy executive staff is expected to begin by the end of February, with some positions already cleared out to allow for the promotions from within.

It’s also being reported that the move by Ballmer was pushed upon him by the company’s board of directors who believe his long standing relationship with senior executives have placed Microsoft in their current state, falling flat in major innovation areas they are attempting to compete within.

The move makes sense when we take into consideration Microsoft’s failed attempts to turn around their mobile division and the hundreds of millions of dollars they are losing while attempting to compete with Google in the search field and Apple in the mobile field.