Miley Cyrus Pregnant? Rumor Runs Rampant From Satire Site

Slow down there, world. Take a deep breath. Focus. Listen.

Miley Cyrus is not pregnant with rapper Juicy J's child.

Well, at least, she's probably not. This is another cautionary tale in examining your sources. Google Trends shows "Miley Cyrus pregnant" as its No. 1 search term for Monday, September 30, with more than 50k searches. Here's why.

As the International Business Times reports, Twitter was on fire Sunday night with the rumor of Miley Cyrus's pregnancy at the hands of rapper Juicy J. IBT identified a post on as the source of the rumor. The post, which bears the headline "**BREAKING** Miley Cyrus Announces Pregnancy By Rapper Juicy J On Stage At Bet Hip Hop Awards," features a picture of the two together and alleged quotes from J and Miley's father, Bill Ray.

I assure you she's been doing a lot more than twerking" said Juicy J before Miley Cyrus blurted out that her and the "Bandz a Make Her Dance" rapper were expecting.

"She really broke my achy breaky heart" said Billy Ray Cyrus.

"She really broke my achy breaky heart" said Billy Ray Cyrus.

Fortunately, a comment on the post offered easy debunking. gives us the following bits of wisdom:

Lesson learned: check your sources. Also, even if Miley Cyrus is the current it girl and fix for all the world's gossip needs, don't believe everything you read. Especially if it's about Miley Cyrus being pregnant. will enjoy it's meteoric rise and momentary boost in hits — hint: next time, have more ads before dropping a choice bombshell like this one. The rest of us will move on until the next ridiculous rumor sets the web ablaze.