Peyton Manning Continues Record Setting Season With Four Touchdown Passes

Peyton Manning is having a pretty good year. The Denver Broncos quarterback started the season off with a 7 (yes 7) touchdown game and now he’s added four more to that total.

And to make those stats even more impressive, Peyton has done it all without an interception. According to the Broncos, Peyton has now thrown 191 passes without an interception.

SB Nation reports that Peyton Manning now has 16 touchdowns (an NFL record) through the first four games of the season. The previous record of 14 touchdowns in four games was held by Sammy Baugh, Don Meredith and Kurt Warner.

CBS notes that no other team in the NFL has more than 15 touchdowns at the moment.

But enough about touchdowns. Let’s talk about yards.

Denver Post reports that Peyton Manning added another 327 yards to his total tonight. The Broncos quarterback now has 1,470 yards for the season. And still no interceptions.

Of course, Manning isn’t a one-man football team. The Denver Broncos receivers, like Demaryius Thomas and Wes Welker, have done a pretty good job of making Peyton look like the NFL’s best quarterback. The Denver Broncos have scored 179 points so far this season. That’s almost an NFL record. The only team to beat that pace was the Dallas Cowboys in 1966 when they had 183 points during the first four games of the season.

Here are some highlights from Peyton Manning’s record setting night with the Denver Broncos.