Motorola Goes 1984 In Teaser Ad For Xoom

Motorola has decided that attack may be the best form of marketing with a new teaser commercial for its iPad competitor taking a swipe at Apple’s classic 1984 commercial.

The ad for the upcoming Motorola Xoom goes hard from the outset, complete with a globe covered in iPod headphones and states that 2011 looks a lot like 1984, with “one design” and “one way to work,” before suggesting that “It’s time for more choices.”

From this point on the ad starts rattling off tech features, in itself harking back to the days when consumer tech marketing trumpeted the latest processor speeds and features.

It’s well made, but we’re not sure how well it will connect with the average consumer; it’s just a bit too geeky for the mass market. Ultimately you can be the judge. Ad as follows: