Crowdsourcing space exploration

Space the next frontier; or the frontier that you and I can help explore today courtesy of a new site I found out about earlier today called As Ariel Waldman called it today in her announcement about it it is a directory of ways to participate in space exploration, interact plus connect with the space community as well as encourage citizen science.

When you hit the main page of the site you are presented with a listing of available projects that you can discuss with others or find ways to become involved in. Currently listed are:

  • Radio Jove
  • SETI@home
  • Stardust@home
  • Dawn Clickworkers
  • NASA World Wind
  • My NASA Data
  • Elevator:2010
  • Astronaut Glove Challenge
  • PlanetQuest Collaboratory
  • Google Lunar X Prize
  • Vision Workbench
  • Great World Star Count
  • Galaxy Zoo
  • ISS EarthKAM
  • HiRISE Clickworkers

As well you can also submit projects that you know of that aren’t already listed. So if you are feeling like you need to feed your inner astronomer this is definitely a site you should visit and subscribe to.