Justin Bieber Tells Fans: 'I Can Do Nothing But Just Thank You' [Video]

Justin Bieber's relationship with his legion of fans began way back in 2007 when he first uploaded R&B covers to his now infamous Kidrauhl YouTube account.

Fast forward past worldwide fame following his debut album My World release in November 2009 to accounting for 3% of all Internet traffic in 2010, today's Twitter dominance and consistently high social media rankings which saw the teen singer place second on Billboard's annual "21 under 21: Music's Hottest Minors 2013," and it's clear Bieber owes a great deal to his fans' support.

The 19-year-old --- currently in Bangkok, Thailand for a Believe tour concert --- recently acknowledged his gratitude to fans in a new interview with Korean K-Pop promoters.

Asked how he felt about his fans, Bieber replied with a smile: "My beliebers? Did you just ask me what my beliebers mean to me?"

"Alright, let me just go off for a second," the pop star quipped. "I mean, do you want me to write a book?"

Elaborating on why he felt so strongly about his fans, the "Baby" singer explained: "My beliebers mean everything to me. They're the reason why I'm here, the reason why God has just blessed me so much."

At one point in the clip, Justin addressed his fans directly, saying: "You guys supported me since day one. YouTube, commented, subscribed, did everything (sic)... and I can do nothing but just thank you."

The teen's appreciation comes after he recently acknowledged Brazilian Beliebers on Twitter following reports of the 150 fans in Rio de Janeiro camping out 50 days ahead of the singer's November 3 concert at the Sambadrome.

Mail Online reports the mix of teenage and adult fans are essentially sleeping rough to make sure they get front-row seats, with people taking turns to sleep four in a tent.

However, on Monday Rio municipal authorities swooped the make-shift tent encampment to check on safety and hygiene conditions, and prevent teens under the age of 18 from staying overnight.

'Brazilian Fans Go Hard'

Bieber tweeted "My Brazilian Beliebers go hard!" response to Mail Online's report.

Rio municipal social worker, Renato Lopes, told the British news outlet: "Legal guardians who are not watching their children could have their youngsters taken away from them."

She continued: "If the camp is considered harmful and those staying there do not abide by our regulations we will dismantle it."

Mail Online added that since the crackdown by police officers and Public Order Department reps, the tent city has depleted as minors are no longer allowed to stay overnight and shacks on public roads or sidewalks are prohibited.

But authorities have allowed remaining campers to put up their tents at 9pm every night until 7am the next day. The outlet reports those who have stayed are resolved to wait out the 50 days until Bieber arrives and are still enthusiastic despite thefts by drug addicts undaunted by a two-guard presence at the Sambadrome 24 hour security kiosk where the tents are erected and the nearby Rio de Janeiro military police headquarters.

Over in Bangkok, where at the time of press Bieber is onstage, the mood pre-show was evidently much the same.

Justin Bieber About To Play Bangkok

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