Blake Shelton And Tommy Pickles Team Up On ‘The Voice’ [Video]

Blake Shelton expects to win The Voice this season and he’s already recruited some serious talent. E.G. Daily, the woman who voiced Tommy Pickles on the show Rugrats, joined team Blake last night.

Daily is best known for her voice acting work (in addition to Tommy Pickles, she’s also lent her voice to characters in Happy Feet, Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, and The Powerpuff Girls) but she also has a blossoming country music career.

The Social News Daily reports that E.G. has already recorded a few songs and with Blake Shelton’s help she could take her music career to another level.

Blake Shelton has become the go-to judge on The Voice. His singers have won the competition for the last three seasons and he’s positioning himself to do it again this year.

Shelton said: “[My winning streak] may be boring to you, but it’s very exciting to me… That’s my competition. I don’t care if they like it or not.”

Tommy Pickles, AKA E.G. Daily, has a lot of work to do to win The Voice but she is definitely working with the right person.

Do you think Blake Shelton will make Tommy Pickles a county music star?

Here’s E.G. Daily’s audition from The Voice last night.

Daily has a pretty solid career in the acting world but her music career needs a little push. Here’s a music video from Daily’s website. Do you think Shelton and The Voice will push her to the next level?