Colin Kaepernick Favorites His Twitter Hate

49ers starting quarterback Colin Kaepernick is favoriting his Twitter hate to motivate himself to escape a terrible two game funk.

In consecutive blowout losses, Colin Kaepernick has completed less than 50 percent of his passes with no touchdowns. He has looked flustered in the pocket and forced throws, resulting in multiple turnovers.

Colin Kaepernick knows fans are not happy with him and he is trying to turn that anger into personal motivation. If you go to his Twitter profile and click on his favorites, you will find a series of hateful tweets aimed at the young star.

A number of the hateful tweets ironically plead for the return of Alex Smith. Fans, after all, are a fickle bunch and probably don't remember hating Smith for the first six years of his career.

Alex Smith was traded to Kansas City after the Super Bowl and has led the Chiefs to an impressive 3-0 start.

Colin Kaepernick has led the 49ers to a 1-2 record after taking them to the Super Bowl in his 10th career start.

Still, he might be right to favorite the Twitter hate. The reality check that he is not untouchable might be just what Kaepernick needs to get back to his Super Bowl form.

When asked by reporters why he is favoriting all the Twitter hate, Kaepernick responded:

And here a few highlights of the Twitter hate:It's time for Colin Kaepernick to make believers out of the faithless again. The 49ers have a short week and play the St. Louis Rams on Thursday Night Football. The Rams are coming off a 31-7 thumping by the Dallas Cowboys and they could be just what the doctor ordered for San Francisco.

Do you think Colin Kaepernick should favorite his Twitter hate? Will the 49ers bounce back and beat the Rams Thursday?

[image via Wikimedia Commons]