Tommy Pickles ‘The Voice’ Audition: E.G. Daily Impresses Judges With ‘Rugrats’ Impersonation [Video]

E.G. Daily won over the judges on The Voice with her fantastic singing but it was her impersonation of Tommy Pickles that really won over the crowd.

Of course, impersonation is probably the wrong word since E.G. Daily IS Tommy Pickles.

Daily has lent her voice to several memorable characters over the years.

The Social News Daily notes that Daily was Dottie from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Froggy in The Little Rascals, Buttercup in The Powerpuff Girls, baby Mumble in Happy Feet and of course Tommy Pickles in Rugrats.

And now she’s hoping to lend her voice to the character of “Music Superstar.”

Daily’s performance earned the attention of both Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton. The two music stars praised Daily for her singing voice but they were really blown away when they heard that she voiced Mr. Pickles in Rugrats.

Cee Lo appealed to the voice actor in Daily but the singer is looking to turn over a new leaf in her career. She decided to go with Blake Shelton to tune her country voice.

Here’s the video of Tommy Pickles audition on The Voice.

Elizabeth Daily may be best known for her work as a voice actor but she’s also starting to make headway as a singer. Here’s a video from the singer’s website.