Fake Penis Used By Long Distance Runner To Pass Doping Test

A long distance runner beat a doping test by filling a fake penis with uncontaminated urine faces disciplinary action.

Dave Licciardi had just completed a 10 kilometre race at Molfetta, Italy, over the weekend when he was asked to take part in a urine test.

The 27-year-old reportedly told the doctor who was conducting the test that he would like to urinate alone. However the doctor refused, as it is against anti-doping laws to wee into a cup without an official in attendance.

Licciardi still persisted with his urination, but unfortunately for him he was caught by the doctor attempting to conceal his fake penis, which he had hidden inside his underwear and filled to the brim with uncontaminated urine.

The Italian athlete, who competes for the Italian Air Force team, was immediately reported after he was caught by the marshals.

He is now set to meet with officials in Rome, after Italy's Olympic Committee were immediately informed of his ploy. He will now probably be banned for a lengthy amount of time, and he will face a disciplinary hearing in Rome on Wednesday, who will decide his fate.

Licciardi used a Whizzinator, which he could have easily purchased on the Internet, and helps athletes cheat during drugs tests.

The device costs around $125, and it has been described as a "discreet synthetic urine device that is safe for all types of fun scenarios."

It also comes with a bag heating contraption as well as bags full of urine, which is uncontaminated, that helps athletes beat drugs tests. The product also comes in different colors so people of various races can purchase it.

A spokesperson for the Italian Olympic Committee stated, "An investgation has been launched and Devis Licciadi will appear before a anti doping disciplinary panel on Wednesday."

You can check out a picture of the Whizzinator below:


[Image via imging/Shutterstock]