Verizon’s Extended Blackberry Outage Due To System Update?

Verizon Wireless customers with Blackberry devices began reporting on Friday that their Blackberry Smartphones were not working properly. Not only had Blackberry Internet service stopped working, but all data capabilities ground to a halt, leaving only voice calls available for use.

Unfortunately for business users the outage is still being reported on Monday night by the team at 9to5Mac with no guaranteed end in sight.

So what caused the issue? According to several reports, a system update caused data to ground to a halt, taking days to complete rather than the typical several hours.

The system update comes at a time when Verizon has touted the reliability of their system in preparation for the release of the first CDMA iPhone to reach their production lines, in fact the update could be related to iPhone preparation, although nothing has been confirmed by any parties involved.

Are you a Blackberry user on Verizon? Feel free to leave us a comment and let us know if you are still experiencing ongoing issues.