Sexist Gorilla Evicted From Dallas Zoo, Set For Therapy

A sexist gorilla has been evicted from a zoo in Dallas, and he will now be forced to undergo therapy to address his behaviour.

Patrick, the name of the gorilla, apparently sneered at various female gorillas and then also bit one of them too.

The 195-kilogram western lowland gorilla was previously an incumbent at the Texas zoo, but will now be moved to the Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens in Columbia, South Carolina.

This particular institution has helped to recuperate animals who have had various behavioural issues.

Dallas Zoo admitted that Patrick doesn’t actually have any problems with human beings, but when it comes to gorillas he has a rather sexist attitude.

Workers at Dallas Zoo have previously looked to make him socialise with other gorillas, especially females, however he has repeatedly attacked them instead.

Laurie Holloway, a spokeswoman for the Dallas Zoo, “It’s not like we haven’t tried, he’s been here for 18 years.”

Unfortunately, Patrick has only ever had one friend that he was close too, Jabari. However, Jabari was killed by Dallas police after he escaped from his cage in 2004 and injured three people. He was only stopped when officers shot him dead.

This only exacerbated Patrick’s harsh behaviour, and because of this he was kept in his own cage, separate from his fellow gorillas.

The Dallas Zoo decided to kick Patrick out because they have recently picked up two new male gorillas from Calgary. One of these includes Zola, a breakdancing gorilla whose recent video went viral.

You can check out his talents below:

Since moving to South Carolina, Patrick has been separated from the other three gorillas in the compound, but he is able to smell and see them, which will help him to feel comfortable around his new neighbors.

Do you feel sorry for Patrick the sexist gorilla?

[Image via Dennis Donohue/Shutterstock]