Paleobiologist Tweets Sexy Skeleton Model Photo, Unwittingly Exposes A ‘Thing’

Sexy models posing with animal skeletons might become a thing by complete accident.

Paleobiologist Victoria Herridge was searching Google for a simple image of an elephant skull when she stumbled upon the strange photo you see above. “I am dying,” she tweeted with the pic. “This is both depressing & incredibly funny.”

From there, the photo was picked up by i09 which managed to track the photo to the website for “BJ Winslow Prop Rentals and Fabrication,” which they describe as “a whimsically macabre prop shop in Sun Valley, California that hews more to the Mütter Museum’s brand of dark and weird than, say, the tacky atmosphere of your local strip mall’s Halloween-supply store.”

Just in case that’s way over your head, BJ Winslow’s makes more or less realistic props that could double as Hollywood slasher flick scene filler. They have an especially packed section simply titled “corpses” which features full-cast nude female corpses in various states of gore: Burned, flayed, blown up, you name it.

Anyway, the “skull and skeleton” replicas section on the site is unique in that the most of the photos, just for these props, also contain sexy models. It’s almost as if the prop store’s “model budget” ran out unexpectedly before they could move on to “fetuses” (just kidding, there are a few models in the fetus section as well).

To really drive the humor of the discovery home, sexy skeleton models is apparently already a “thing” that Herridge had only just discovered. Evolutionary biologist Ross Barnett responded to Herridge’s tweet with a somewhat maudlin “Dude, you didn’t know about this?”

Google Search “dinosaurs” and “Don Glut” and voila… we had no idea there was such a market for sexy models posing with animal skeletons. Paleontology isn’t that boring, is it? It doesn’t really ring like a subject that desperately needs more sex appeal. Like tax season.