Burger King Launches ‘Satisfries,’ a Low-Cal Option That (Supposedly) Tastes The Same

Burger King has launched a low-calorie serving of french fries with an incredibly cheesy name. Servings of “Satisfies” reportedly have 20 percent fewer calories than their regular-serving pals, and miraculously manage to taste the same as regular french fries (so they say).

The new low-cal french fries launched Tuesday. An order of “Satisfries” comes in at 270 calories compared to the regular order, which clocks in at 340. There’s a mild aesthetic difference, as well. “Satisfries” are crinkle-cut.

Burger King officials say that the new fries won’t taste any different from the regular order, either. They use the same ingredients as regular fries, they just cook them differently. With a small adjustment to the proportions of batter ingredients, the new low-cal fries simply block out more oil.

That’s how they’re able to be deep fried along with regular fries and still come out 20 percent “leaner.”

“You need to make things as simple as possible,” says Burger King’s chief marketing officer Eric Hirschhorn.

Burger King’s “Satisfries” campaign is one that they went to considerable lengths to keep under wraps, reports the Associated Press. Along with their public debut, Burger King has also embarked on an intense social media campaign, flooding sites like Twitter with promoted hashtags like #satisfried.

So far, it seems to be going well.

The first trending topic is #satisfried promoted by Burger King. Twitter is obviously high.

— ECUStonerChicks (@ECUStonerchicks) September 24, 2013

Of course, as per usual with promoted hashtags, there is some shameless hijacking going on.

Total fail, Robin Glasser.

Are you looking forward to trying Burger King’s new “Satisfries?” Let us know how they taste in the comments!