Burger King To Introduce French Fry Burger On Their Dollar Menu

Burger King is getting ready to release its latest new menu item, the French Fry Burger. The new burger, which is slated to hit stores across North America in September, will begin its experimental life on the chain’s Dollar Menu.

You read correctly people: just $1 for a yummy, french fry filled burger. Just be aware that this is Burger King’s promotional price and the burger may well cost more once the promotion is over.

Don’t be fooled by the price though. Even though you get a burger for a buck, you also get 19 grams of fat and a huge 360 calories!

The new French Fry Burger comes at a time of fierce competition in the fast food industry. Burger King is trying to keep up with the innovations introduced by their main competitor McDonald’s. McDonald’s are to introduce Mighty Wings to their menu in September, which is of course, trying to compete with their main competitors, including KFC.

The new burger is not labor intensive to produce, so it won’t really cost the burger chain anything other than its advertising and promotion. After all, they will just be topping their signature Whopper Burger with four or five french fries, something which a customer can do themselves if they opt for a combo meal.

It remains to be seen what kind of success Burger King will enjoy with their new French Fry Burger. Do you think the new burger it is a good move by the burger chain to increase sales? will you be paying a buck a burger when they hit stores in September? Share your comments in the feed below.