Zayn Malik Says One Direction Bandmate Has Really Smelly Feet

Hey ladies, you know how much you love the guys from One Direction? It turns out one of them has really smell feet. Group member Zayn Malik recently opened up about the foot odor of one group member.

In a recently interview with Top of the Pops, Malik reveals that fellow band mate Harry Styles has the stinkiest feet.

Zayn jokes:

“I don’t think there’s enough money on this earth that would make me sniff Harry’s socks!”

Girls might be surprised by Zayn Malik’s answer since Louis Tomlinson is the band member who refuses to wear socks.

Yeah probably not the most revealing piece of information but we know how much pre-teens and teen girls love to know EVERYTHING about their favorite boy bands.

When asked if he would accept £5,000 to sniff Harry Styles’ feet he said, “Oh no! You don’t want to sniff Harry’s socks!”

The sad part? There are literally millions of girls who would jump at the chance to smell Harry Styles’ feet or any of the boys feet for that matter.

The guys of One Direction have not shied away from opening up about their time on the road, their friendship, and apparently the smelliness of their feet.

Would you smell Harry Styles’ feet? Yes, I really just asked that question.