Emmy Awards Joke Highlights Night For Claire Danes

Claire Danes

An Emmy Awards joke highlighted the night for actress Claire Danes. The actress won an Emmy and followed up her big honor with a cute joke about her family.

Danes took home the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series award for the second consecutive year. The Homeland actress joked that an Emmy could be a dangerous item to keep around her nine-month-old son Cyrus.

“This show is challenging in all the right ways… It’s a good gig… We have a tiny person now. He’s still on East Coast time, so our curfew has to be earlier than it ever has been before. I’m hoping he’s not going to impale himself on the thing,”

Danes tells Variety that she feels “truly blessed” to act in such an interesting role.

So, what’s next for her character Carrie Mathison? Talking about the new season, Claire revealed:

“[It’s a] really strong season. I’m a little on the crazy sauce in the beginning of the season. It’s kind of sad this season, it’s a little mournful.”

Danes says she wants the show to “go on forever”, while co-star Damian Lewis, who plays Nicholas Brody, says “I’ll see how long I have left.

The Emmys are all about glitz and glamour, but it sure is nice to see a serious dramatic actor just having fun with the event.

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Need proof that family comes first for the actress? She highlighted her amazing night by talking about her son.

Do you think Claire Danes deserved the best actress in a drama nod?