Atheist Church Of London Set To Tour The World

The Atheist church in London is about to take their message to the world.

While the idea of Atheism turning into a structured religion seems a contradiction all by itself, the Sunday Assembly of London is ready to tell the world about the advantages of not believing in a higher power. This confuses people in general, as the idea of atheism is the lack of belief in a higher power, and a church is usually a group of people gathered in support of a belief system. Apparently atheists around the world found a loophole and structured their beliefs anyway.

That said, the Sunday Assembly is taking their own belief on a global missionary initiative in 22 cities around the world. Atheist churches are being opened in England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, the US, and Australia. The movement began yesterday, according to an email from the Atheist church of London assembly founder Sanderson Jones, which stated that the church is turning from an item of interest into a global phenomenon.

The London-based Atheist church has come a long way in the eight months since its humble beginnings, as its fantastic growth rate has made it officially and ironically the fastest growing religious movement in the world.

Starting in October, the Sunday Assembly is launching a Kickstarter campaign hoping to raise 500,000 pounds in order to open another series of Atheist churches. The London-based Sunday Assembly will be expecting its regular rounds of critical and religious protests, so don't be surprised if the Westboro Baptist Church shows up with their usual shenanigans at a major opening here in the US.

The Sunday Assembly follows the motto "Live Better, Help Often and Wonder More," which initially makes them sound like Walmart, but we doubt the retailer would likewise call itself "part atheist church, part foot-stomping good time."

What do you think of the Atheist church of London, Sunday Assembly, expanding globally?