Jen Vrabel Fires Back At Jen Bielema As War Between Coaches’ Wives Heats Up

Jen Vrabel is showing that it’s not just college football coaches who go to battle on Saturdays — sometimes it’s their wives too.

Vrabel, wife of Ohio State assistant coach Mike Vrabel, took to Twitter to fire back at Jen Bielema, who last week took a shot at Wisconsin via that microblogging site.

The feud started last week when Jen, the wife of former Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema, tweeted a vindictive sounding message after the Badgers lost in a bizarre finish. Wisconsin was in position to kick a game-winning field goal at the end of its contest against Arizona State, but after quarterback Joel Stave took a knee to give his kicker better field position, Arizona defenders thought he fumbled and jumped on the ball. By the time referees pulled the players apart and spotted the ball, time had expired.

Jen Bielema is apparently still a little stung from her husband’s less-than-amicable departure from Wisconsin, even though Bret has moved on and is now coaching the Arkansas Razorbacks. After the Badgers loss, Jen Bielema took to Twitter to deliver a short and simple message to Wisconsin fans: #karma.

Bret offered a bit of context to his wife’s comments, saying that she’s been facing some harsh words online from a group of “sick and ruthless.”

“Some of the comments are so sick it’s hard to imagine someone can say it,” he said.

This week, Arkansas experienced a bit of karma of its own. The team gave up a 17-point lead to Rutgers, losing 28-24.

Jen Vrabel couldn’t help but point out the irony of the situation, and came to the defense of her future Big Ten rival.

While the connection between Jen Vrabel and Jen Bielema isn’t exactly clear, they may just be getting caught up in the emotions and rivalry of college football.