Miley Cyrus Performs At The iHeartRadio Music Festival In Las Vegas

Patricia Didelot

Miley Cyrus made her first appearance since her break up with former fiance, Liam Hemsworth at the iHeartRadio Music Festival on Saturday.

And apparently the fans loved it. Before she came on stage the crowd, made up of a few hundred people were chanting for her.

Wearing all white, with a corset and short, tight shorts and matching white finger nails, Cyrus opened the four song set with her new single "We Can't Stop" and shared the stage with colorful flowers, mushrooms, and rainbows.

Following moves seen in her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in August, she was seen slapping one of the dwarf-sized dancers on stage on the butt.

Miley Cyrus followed the performance with her hit single "Party In The U.S.A."

But what really had the crowd going was her emotional rendition of "Wrecking Ball" the much publicized newest single, which has also been used as a tag line for her recent relationship problems.

During this performance, Miley Cyrus had tears streaming down her face as she left the stage after the song. This appearance is the first following the announcement that her and boyfriend of four years, Liam Hemsworth are calling it quits after a year engagement.

Apparently it was all too much for the former Hannah Montana star, who also cries on the video which accompanies the song.

Miley Cyrus Sneak Peek! #MileyCyrus #SneakPeek #iheartradio

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Miley Cyrus thanked the audience for helping her song reach the number one sport at the Billboard Hot 100 charts this week, which is also the fastest music video to reach 100 million views on VEVO.

The pop diva said she realizes some things she is doing are getting her in trouble, but insists she is doing what her heart tells her to and adds everything she's done is inspired by music.

Miley Cyrus also performed another song from her album Bangerz called "Look at What They've Done to My Song."

Miley Cyrus brings twerking little person onstage in Las Vegas

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