‘Extra Terrestrial Vehicle’ For Sale On eBay, All You Need Is $100K

Want to be the envy of your nerdy neighbors? You could buy an “extra terrestrial car” listed on eBay right now. All you need is $100,000 and a little bit of luck.

The one-of-a-kind car was custom-built by seller Michael Vetter of Florida. He seems to have built it from the ground up using a 2.-liter Chevy engine which generates 270 BHP and averaging 26mpg. Sure, nothing to phone home over, but it’s the chassis that has car enthusiasts talking online right now.

It looks like a super-futuristic car, possibly of alien origin. Indeed, it’s the look that Vetter promotes as the primary selling point.

“You are looking at a vehicle which receives more pictures taken of it on a daily basis then any lamborghini or ferrari I have ever driven,” he writes. “It is hard to describe the positive attention this car brings, You can instantly become involved in just about any event you chose.”

And don’t worry, the ETV has been cleared for use on the road.

“The ride is smooth, solid and reliable. Due to the shape of the car the faster you go it seems to get more quiet inside,” Vetter writes.

The ETV has a number of other interesting bells and whistles. The doors lift upward (like on the De Lorean), there are mounted cameras on the inside so you can see the rear of the vehicle, and an impressive array of LED lights installed that make the car even more futuristic-looking when driven at night.

If you’re in the market for Vetter’s “extra terrestrial vehicle,” you can bid on it here.

UPDATE: The owner sent us a video of this thing in action. Roll that beautiful bean footage!