Russian Hovercraft Lands At Mechnikovo Beach [Video]

Sun bathers at a beach in Mechnikovo, Russia got a surprise visit from a 500 ton hovercraft this week.

Amateur footage shows the enormous military vehicle speeding over the water toward the beach.

The Russian military said that the hovercraft was docking at the beach as part of a military exercise. It’s unclear why the military allowed tourists to stay on the beach to watch the vehicle.

A spokesman for the Russian defense ministry was also a little unclear on the details.

The spokesman said: “Docking at the beach is normal… What people were doing at the beach on the territory of the military (base) is unclear.”

What is clear is that the military didn’t want the people on the beach. After the hovercraft docked a bunch of soldiers disembarked and demanded that the beach goers in clear the area.

The Independent reports that the vessel can transport 400 troops. It is typically equipped with missile launches and can reportedly travel at 70 mph.

The video of the Russian hovercraft landing at a beach in Mechnikovo isn’t the only impressive military video to hit the internet this week. The F-35B could have been mistaken for a UFO during a night landing earlier this week.

You can watch the F-35B video here or check out the Russian hovercraft video below.