Jennifer Mee Guilty: Life In Jail For The ‘Hiccup Girl’

Jennifer Mee, better known as the ‘hiccup girl’, has been found guilty of first degree murder for the fatal shooting of Shannon Griffin. As a result of the verdict she will spend the rest of her life in jail with no option for parole.

During the reading of the verdict Mee broke down in fits of hysterical tears in the courtroom. It had been hoped by her lawyers that the jury would convict on a lesser charge, such as manslaughter, so the verdict came as quite a shock to to her and her defense team.

Mee’s mother as well as her attorney, John Trevena, declined to make any comment to the media regarding the verdict.

The mother of the victim of the shooting, Shanna Griffin, and her cousin, expressed their relief about the verdict: “It is just too much right now because we are still grieving and we just wanted it to be about him.”

Jennifer Mee became renowned as the ‘hiccup girl’ when she had bouts of hiccups for many months back in 2007. Mee’s call to her mother, which was played to the Clearwater Courthouse, was an admittance of her guilt.

She said to her mother in the call: “I set everything up,” referring to how her and Griffin met on the internet and were due to meet up for a date. Instead of the date, Mee lured Griffin into a mugging where he was robbed by two men at gunpoint.

When the mugging went wrong, Griffin was shot several times and killed. Her defense team made all types of claims about a love triangle gone wrong and alleged that Mee was suffering from schizophrenia and therefore wasn’t fit to stand trial.

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