John McCain Slams Dodgers For Pool Celebration

Arizona Senator John McCain has taken the Los Angeles Dodgers to task after the team Jumped in the Diamondbacks’ swimming pool to celebrate their NL West clinching victory.

McCain took to Twitter to unleash his anger, calling the Dodgers players, “a bunch of overpaid, immature, arrogant, spoiled brats!” He then linked to an Arizona Republic article titled, “The Dodgers Are Idiots.

For being a United States Senator, you’d think McCain would have more important things to do than tweet about baseball. The unnecessary tweet caught the attention of Los Angeles reliever Brian Wilson, who tweeted back, “Senator McComplain knows a thing or two about coming in second and watching someone take a plunge in the pool (I mean poll).”

Fingers crossed America’s next great Twitter war has begun! So far McCain hasn’t tweeted a response to Wilson. Maybe he’s taking the higher road.

The problem isn’t that John McCain has criticized the Dodgers for jumping in Arizona’s swimming pool, the problem is he used Twitter to do it. The social network website just isn’t the place for a respected politician to air his frustration.

Still, McCain, like a number of critics, has a point. The Dodgers crossed a line of respect by jumping in the swimming pool. The Diamonbacks asked the Dodgers not to come back out on the field for security reasons. Los Angeles didn’t listen.

At the same time, everyone is making too big a deal out of “poolgate.” The only people that are going to remember this happened is the Diamondbacks, and they’ll get their revenge. Baseball players carry grudges for a long time.

Here is McCain’s full tweet:

No-class act by a bunch of overpaid, immature, arrogant, spoiled brats! “The #Dodgers are idiots”

— John McCain (@SenJohnMcCain) September 20, 2013

And here is Brian Wilsons poetic response:

If a Twitter war has started, it might just be the strangest Twitter war in the history of Twitter.

Do you think John McCain was in the right to slam the Dodgers? Were you entertained by Brian Wilson’s response?

[image via Wikimedia Commons]