Remember ‘Hiccup Girl?’ She’s On Trial In Florida … For Murder [Video]

Clearwater, FL – Remember ‘Hiccup Girl?” She made headlines and TV appearances back in 2007 because she just couldn’t stop with those hiccups. What’s she up to now, aside from taking questionable bathroom selfies, you ask? Oh, she’s just on trial. For murder.

The AP reports that Jennifer Mee’s trial officially kicked off on Tuesday, with prosecutors and defense attorneys beginning the arduous chore of jury selection. The judge expects the trial to be over by week’s end, whatever that means.

Mee, 22, was arrested back in 2010 (for the first time, by the way) and is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Shannon Griffin, a 22-year-old Wal Mart employee. Mee allegedly lured Griffin to a home in St. Petersburg under the pretense of buying drugs, but two of her friends robbed him at gunpoint instead. Griffin fought against his robbers and was shot several times.

One of Mee’s co-defendants has already been sentenced to life, while the other, her then-boyfriend, is awaiting trial.

She is, of course, innocent until proven guilty, but the judge’s comments coupled with the sentence of her accomplice doesn’t bode well for her. Though she seems at least culpable by association, at issue is whether she had a hand in the robbery itself or if she was unaware of what her accomplices were planning.

Her lawyer said that in addition to crappy hiccup spells, Mee also suffers from schizophrenia and Tourette’s Syndrome, which may have impaired her judgment.

“It won’t be used as a direct cause for what occurred but it might help explain her errors in judgment and her often thoughtless response to law enforcement,” Mee’s attorney John Travena said. Basically, they’re going for the “diet insanity” plea.

Though she seemingly confessed to the robbery, Mee has insisted that she’s not guilty of murder. Its a long way to fall for a girl who used to hiccup 50 times a minute on national TV. Regardless of the outcome of the trial, this is how we’ll always remember the Hiccup Girl: