Kate Middleton Stays Home While Pippa Goes To Wedding With William And Harry

Kate Middleton can probably be forgiven for missing the wedding of James Meade and Lady Laura Marsham.

The wedding — which took place this weekend at The Parish Church of St. Nicholas Gayton in Norfolk, England — drew a lot of famous royal guests. In fact, Prince William and Prince Harry was there, and so was Kate’s famous sister Pippa.

But no Kate Middleton.

Reports from the UK said that the Duchess of Cambridge was originally planning on going to the ceremony but late in the week decided to stay home instead. It was apparently just too long to be away from Prince George.

“Kate’s still breast feeding so to be out for the whole day and the night before, was a bit too much at the moment,” a source told Us Weekly. “She would have loved to go but it just wasn’t possible.”

Kate didn’t exactly stay in all day. The first-time mom was seen shopping at Peter Jones, her favorite department store, where she picked up some items for George and some home wares as well.

Pippa Middleton apparently had a good time with the royal brothers. She was spotted in a fashionable knee-length teal dress while the brothers wore suits. Prince William even had a role as an usher.

Though she missed out on the big event, Kate Middleton has had plenty of family time lately. This week she and Prince William took seven-week old George to meet his great-grandfather for the first time. The future King of England made the trip to meet Prince Philip, who has been recovering from exploratory surgery for abdominal problems and has been in and out of hospitals for several weeks.

Kate Middleton has opted for a modern upbringing for Prince George, mixing in some royal traditions with some of her own ideas, like staying with her parents for the first few weeks of George’s life.