Kate Middleton, Prince William Introduce Prince George To Great-Grandfather Philip At Balmoral

Kate Middleton and hubby Prince William took seven-week-old baby George to meet his great-grandfather for the first time at Balmoral Castle on Sunday.

The future King of England made his first trip to Balmoral with his parents and nanny Jesse Webb on tow. Purportedly so he can get used to being cared by the elderly lady.

Prince Philip hadn’t met Prince George yet, due to the fact that he was recovering from an exploratory surgery for abdominal problems back in June.

Prince Philip is the husband of Queen Eizabeth II, who was able to meet her great-grandson the day after he was born, while Kate and William made a brief stop at Kensington Palace before heading out to the more relaxing Bucklebury, where Kate’s parents live.

Philip and the Queen, both 91, have been at Balmoral since late July, just after the Prince was born. If you may remember, the Queen was concerned that she would not be in London for the birth.

Kate Middleton has remained firm in her decision to give her son a normal upbringing, breaking with tradition and taking they little royal away from the palace in a move that her husband has supported as well.

During their time at Kate’s childhood home, she was reportedly spoiled by mom, Carole Middleton. She made nutritious smoothies for her daughter every day and cooked healthy meals.

All the TLC has paid off and Kate Middleton was seen in public with her husband Prince William at a charity function this past week, looking as beautiful as ever and seemingly having lost most of the baby weight she gained while pregnant.

Prince George official family portrait.Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s family portrait

According to US Magazine the newest royal family will stay at Balmoral for a week, during which William will bond with great-granddad and possible go shooting.

It has been a long tradition the the royals spend about four weeks practicing the sport, having outdoor picnics, and relaxing.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are definitely not keeping up with tradition, but staying firm that their son, Prince George will be one the most “normal” of the modern royals.