Whitney Houston’s Dead Naked Body Uncovered By Police Officer: ‘She Looks Good For Her Age And Current State’

Whitney Houston‘s dead naked body was allegedly uncovered by a police officer, who then commented, “She looks good for her age and current state.”

Terry Nutall reportedly disturbed the scene of the singer’s death by removing a sheet that was covering Houston’s dead naked body, before noting how good she still looked.

The Beverly Hills police officer is alleged to have “knelt beside and leaned over” Houston before then making inappropriate comments after revealing her pubic region to other stunned officers in attendance.

Brian Weir, a former Beverly Hills SWAT supervisor, has made the claims, which he filed in a report against Mr Nutall.

Weir was the senior patrol sergeant on duty at the scene, and he has noted that he “attempted to secure and preserve the scene of the death.”

He has claimed that Nutall arrived after a sheet had been placed over Houston’s body, but then he removed it despite the fact there was “no legitimate law enforcement inquiry, investigative, or other proper and legal purpose” to do so.

Weir has also claimed that he came perilously close to touching her Houston’s body, before making the rude and inappropriate comments about her.

However, when Weir reported Nutall’s abuse, he was then removed from his lofty position at the summit of the SWAT team. He has since filed his lawsuit. Lincoln Hoshino, Beverly Hills Police Lieutenant, has disputed the claim though, and has also remarked that he is completely unaware of any lawsuit from Weir.

Mr Hoshino has claimed that Nutall was the detective division sergeant on duty at the time.

He then added that he was unaware that any inappropriate behaviour had been committed, and that Beverly Hills police are behind the way that investigation was orchestrated.

Houston died on 11 February 2012 at the age of 48.

[Image via s_bukley/Shutterstock]