No WWE Champion? Triple H Takes Belt From Daniel Bryan After Controversial Fast Count

Is Daniel Bryan the WWE Champion? Let’s go to the tape.

Bryan won the Championship belt last night during the WWE’s Night Of Champions but some fans thought that the victory was a scam. A controversial fast count ended the match against Randy Orton and tonight Triple H wanted to get some answers.

Triple H confronted Orton and the referee tonight on Monday Night Raw. He even brought a video tape to show that Bryan didn’t deserve to be the WWE champion.

The referee said: “It was a fast count, I don’t know… I made a mistake.”

OK, so what, he made a mistake. Refs get calls wrong all the time. No big deal, right?

But then this happened. The referee turned toward Bryan and said: “They got us.”

The WWE reports that the refs confession seemed to catch Bryan off guard and the Champion former champion may have had nothing to do with the fast count. But that didn’t matter to The Game.

The WWE writes:

“Bryan, of course, had no idea what the COO was getting at, but once The Game produced Armstrong, the referee solemnly (forcibly?) admitted to some kind of plot by saying “They got us, Daniel.” The plot was one-sided if anything, as Bryan still had no idea what was going on, but Armstrong’s apparent confession was enough ammo to allow The Game to strip Bryan of the WWE Title.”

So who is the WWE Champion?

Triple H took the belt from Bryan but he wasn’t about to give to Orton either. The Game said that he was going to hold on to the title until there was a rematch.

Triple H said: “As of right now, there is no WWE Champion,”

Bryan tried to keep Triple H from leaving with the belt but Randy Orton wasn’t having any of that. The two wreslters went at it as The Game made off with the belt.

Daniel Bryan was the WWE Champion yesterday. Today, well, as the WWE writes: “The Game giveth and The Game taketh away.”