Cincinnati Bus Crash: ‘We Haven’t Determined The Cause’

The Cincinnati bus crash over the weekend which injured 35 people was being investigated today. Investigators inspected the brakes and various other parts of the vehicle as it lay on its side in a cornfield.

Lt. Edward Meija from the Ohio State Highway Patrol said: “We’re still putting together pieces of the puzzle. We haven’t determined the cause.”

Mejia said that the driver of the bus, 64-year-old Dwayne Garrett, was trapped in the bus and is still recovering in hospital. He gave a statement to the authorities and allowed them to take blood for testing.

A spokesperson for Greyhound Lines Inc, Alexandra Pedrini, said that Mr Garrett has “a clean record” and that the bus involved in the crash had recently passed its annual inspection.

The Inquisitr reported on the bus crash on the day it happened:

There have been disturbing reports saying that the driver fell asleep at the wheel. Christopher Lake from Michigan spoke to reporters at the scene. He said he heard a woman screaming “wake up, wake up!” at the front of the bus, moments before it crashed.

The exact circumstances as to the cause of the Cincinnati bus crash remain unclear. Authorities also await the blood results from the driver of the bus who may have fallen asleep at the wheel.