Greyhound Bus Crash: Driver Allegedly Fell Asleep

A Greyhound bus crashed near the interstate highway in Ohio earlier today. The bus veered off the road, hitting a tree and then flipping on its side, injuring at least 35 people.

Fortunately none of the injuries were considered life threatening although a number of passengers were trapped in the bus and required rescuing by firefighters.

There have been disturbing reports saying that the driver fell asleep at the wheel. Christopher Lake from Michigan spoke to reporters at the scene. He said he heard a woman screaming “wake up, wake up!” at the front of the bus, moments before it crashed.

Lake spoke about the timing and location of the Greyhound bus crash. He said the crash occurred northbound on Interstate 75, roughly 25 miles away from Cincinnati at around 3:50 am.

Lake, who was not injured himself, said the driver, who has been with the company for 15 years, seemed fine when he boarded.

The director of the Emergency Management Agency who were dispatched to the scene, Jeff Galloway, said that 35 people were taken to local hospitals for treatment. Most of the injuries were minor but some were considered severe.

Kim Plaskett, who works for the Dallas branch of Greyhound Lines Inc. said that the driver was well rested, having only been on duty for an hour.

The bus driver, who has not yet been named for legal reasons, was among the injured. Plaskett said the company was in constant contact with investigators and will help in any way they can to ascertain the cause of the crash.

She continued to explain that the vehicle involved in the Greyhound bus crash underwent its usual major annual inspection only two weeks ago. She also confirmed that drivers carry out an inspection of their own before driving to ensure the bus is safe for travel.