Nina Davuluri Video: Miss America Misses Her Cue For Talent Contest

There’s already been a little controversy surrounding the new Miss America. Thankfully, this video of Nina Davluri isn’t part of that racist mess.

If you were watching the Miss America pageant last night you may have thought that Davuluri blew her chances when she completely missed her cue for the talent potion of the contest.

When host Lara Spencer called Davluri to the stage, Miss New York just smiled and clapped.

It’s unclear if Davluri was expecting another contestant to go to the stage. Or maybe she just didn’t hear what Spencer said. Or maybe Davluri was showing off her talent of clapping and smiling. Which, I might add, she’s pretty good at.

Spencer said: “Next up for talent is Miss New York…. Miss New York, you are up… Miss New York, you are up!”

The video of Nina Davuluri clapping away earned some laughs on the internet today but, thankfully, it didn’t contribute to the ridiculous controversy surrounding Davuluri’s win last night.

What controversy, you ask? Well, apparently some people are upset that an Indian American was crowned Miss America. Davuluri even addressed the controversy on Twitter. You can read more about race relations and the ridiculous controversy surrounding the Miss America here. Or you can just enjoy this little video of Nina Davuluri.