Did Mel Gibson’s Daughter Marry A Jew?

Mel Gibson is primarily known in showbiz for both his role in Braveheart and his anti-Semitism, the latter of which largely tanked his career following a contentious traffic stop in Malibu… which makes the story circulating about his daughter marrying a Jew that much more buzzworthy and dramatic sounding.

Sometime last week, reports that Mel Gibson’s daughter married a Jew in Hollywood began to circulate, with many details ascribed to the tale.

According to the reports, Gibson’s daughter wed a record exec, and one claims:

“In a ceremony Saturday at the Temple Emmanuel of Beverly Hills, 36-year-old Mary-Catherine Regina Gibson married 42-year-old Ezekiel Sharon, a prominent record producer… The couple has been secretly engaged for two years and are planning a long honeymoon in the south of France before meeting up with relatives in Israel. Mary-Catherine has reportedly already converted to Judaism.”

That in and of itself might not sound too implausible — it gives names, dates, places, and specifies not only the wedding that allegedly occurred, but honeymoon details as well.

However, the next quote ascribed to Gibson should give you pause — the reports quote the star as allegedly saying:

“You know I’ve got nine kids. So I guess it’s not surprising that one of them turned out to be a complete f*****g loser. But when I think about all the time and treasure I put into that one: the Catholic school tuition, the monthly private jet to Lourdes, the rosaries made of diamonds… and then she goes and does something like this?”

Bells going off yet? How about now?

“I can tell you one thing: that greedy little challah lover is not getting one god damned cent of my money. I’ve worked too long and too hard for that. Too long and too damn hard. Let’s hope this doesn’t last.”

If it’s not yet clearly humor, the piece goes on to say that Gibson railed about how “all the big Hollywood Jews got together and arranged this marriage just to try and screw me over… it’s not enough they destroyed my career by blacklisting me from good projects, now they’re out to destroy my family too.”

The story closes with an alleged response from the “groom” of “Mel Gibson’s daughter,” who is quoted as saying:

“We’re sorry to hear that Mary-Catherine’s father disapproves of our union, but lucky for him he now has several psychiatrists in the family though his daughter’s in-laws. Feel free to stop by any time free of charge.”

When we first saw the story alleging Mel Gibson’s daughter married a Jewish man, we couldn’t help but think of the Chris Rock bit about the perils of prejudice, when he jokes:

“It don’t make no sense to be a racist, sexist, or nothing… it don’t make no sense. Cause whoever you hate will end up in your family. That’s right, you don’t like gays, you’re gonna have a gay son. You don’t like Puerto Ricans? Your daughter’s gonna come home with ‘Livin’ la vida loca!’ Don’t you just love that s***?”

While Mel Gibson’s daughter or daughters do indeed exist, there aren’t any with the very Catholic name Mary-Catherine, and none have married Jewish men. The tale, while popular, is just a bit of satire shared as real, and Mel Gibson’s daughter did not marry a Jew in Hollywood this week or ever.

Did you see the story about Mel Gibson’s daughter being shared as true?