James Franco Says Ben Affleck Should Direct ‘Batman Vs. Superman’

James Franco, the ever outspoken actor who has said some things worth noting lately, is coming to Ben Affleck’s defense, and adding that he is not only Batman, but should direct the film known as Batman Vs. Superman.

So what about Zack Snyder? Well, Franco doesn’t really say, but he just ads that Affleck is at his best when he directs the movies in which he also acts, as in his Oscar winning 2012 drama Argo.

“I think he’s proved himself now as both a director and an actor, but I will say he’s best in the movies he directs,” Franco said at the Toronto International Film Festival.

“Maybe he should direct it,” the actor said. “I think he should direct it.”

James Franco was in Toronto promoting his films Palo Alto and Child Of God and making some other note worthy comments, as always.

The colorful actor also says Affleck doesn’t deserve all the bad press he got for his casting as Batman.

James Franco opines that Affleck has proven that his acting ability goes beyond the success or failure of the movies he takes part in, case and point, the less than stellar Daredevil.

Most of the people against Affleck’s casting as Batman, argue that the previous superhero he played didn’t fare well, at all. Affleck even suggested at the time that he had been cured from playing superheroes.

Ben Affleck as DaredevilBen Affleck in Daredevil

At least James Franco is pretty honest when talking abut the 2003 fantasy flick.

Daredevil wasn’t my favorite movie, but I don’t blame Ben for that,” he said. “As an actor, there’s this crazy thing where you could be good, you do good work, but then if you’re in a movie that’s not so good, they blame you…That’s just crazy thinking.”

James Franco has a point, after all Ben Affleck’s Argo proved that he can direct after winning the Oscar for Best Picture in 2012.