Louisville Football Coach Saves 2-Year-Old Girl From Pit

A Louisville football coach selflessly jumped into a 14 foot hole to save a 2-year-old girl’s life. The youth coach, Terrance Washington was taken to hospital with some cuts but was released on Friday.

He spoke to reporters about the incident. Washington was practicing with his youth team, the West End Yellow Jackets, over in Russell Lee Park, near to where he lives.

He suddenly spotted a group of parents running and sensed something was wrong: “I was around 50 yards away and I just took off running because I knew something was going on,” Washington told reporters.

The infant, Myahana Moore, aged two, had somehow fallen inside the deep hole and was screaming for help. Washington continued: “It was a deafening scream and I knew that somebody had to get down in the hole quickly.”

He immediately went down into the hole to rescue Myahana: “I kind of worked myself down in the hole up to my waist and I told them you all are going to have to hold me and just drop me and once I clear the lip I’ll have to expand my body out, like a Spiderman.”

He continued to speak about what happened when he reached the bottom of the pit: “she grabbed my leg and that’s when I knew that nothing was broke or your legs are not broke and then she gave me a hug.”

Washington then did everything he could to keep the distressed child calm: “We sung nursery rhymes, you never know as an adult when you are going to need that nursery rhyme.”

He said, humbly about himself: “I really didn’t think about the personal risk to me just getting down to that child was the most important thing in securing her.”

The actions of the heroic Louisville football coach most probably saved the life of young Myhana Moore. He has been commended, and rightfully so, for his quick thinking and braveness.