Chris Davis Joins Babe Ruth In History With Home Run

Baltimore Orioles slugger Chris Davis joined Babe Ruth and Albert Belle in history tonight with his 50th home run of the season.

Davis, Ruth, and Belle are the only players in baseball lore to hit 50 home runs and 40 doubles in a single season. A player can't get into much more exclusive company than that.

The secret is out on Chris Davis. He has power. A lot of it. Will he go down in history with Ruth as one of the greatest of all time? At only 27-years-old it's anyone's guess. No one can take this season away from him though. With 15 games left to go the budding super star has 50 home runs and 129 runs batted in.

When all is said he done he might just be the AL MVP. Davis has carried the Orioles offense on his back all season. So far he's showing no signs of slowing down for the playoffs.

Chris Davis could still make more history. It's pretty unlikely, but there's still time for him to get 62 home runs this year. The rest of his season has been so unexpected, who's to say it can't happen?

Davis has always been known as a player with power. He was a top prospect in the Rangers organization but never become the every day player they wanted. In 2011 he was traded to the Orioles and found his home.

In 2012 Chris "Crush" Davis lived up to his potential and crushed 35 home runs while collecting 85 runs batted in. The Orioles made the playoffs for the first time since 1997.

It's safe to say Davis has outdone himself this year. With the steroid era easing its way out of baseball, no player has hit 50 home runs since Jose Bautista in 2010. Prince Fielder was the last before Bautista in 2007.

Here is a highlight reel of Crush Davis' first half of 2013:

With great power comes questions however, and Chris Davis has been asked again and again about steroid use. At one point he got so tired of it he responded to a critic on Twitter with a simple, "no."

Are you impressed to see Chris Davis join the exclusive company of Babe Ruth and Albert Belle in history?