Barry Bonds Dead? ESPN Typo Kills Off Giants Slugger

Barry Bonds is dead. Well, that’s what a story on ESPN claimed this week.

The sports network was reporting on Bonds, his 762 career homes, his steroid use, and his recent conviction for obstruction of justice, when they accidentally slipped up and wrote that Barry Bonds had died.

But don’t worry, it was just a typo. ESPN meant to write that Bobby Bonds, Barry’s father, had passed away in August of 2003, not the San Francisco Giants slugger.

Which is good news for Barry, right? The former MLB player is surely happy to be alive but he isn’t having the best day today. His conviction of federal obstruction was upheld today by a federal court.

USA Today notes that Bond was convicted in April of 2011 of obstruction of justice for misleading the jury during his 2003 trial about steroid use. Bonds tried to appeal the conviction but the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld his conviction today.

Judge Mary Schroeder wrote: “The statement served to divert the grand jury’s attention away from the relevant inquiry of the investigation, which was Anderson and BALCO’s distribution of steroids and PEDs, The statement was therefore evasive. We conclude there was sufficient evidence to convict Bonds of obstructing justice.”

But hey, at least Barry Bonds isn’t dead.

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