Niall Horan Is Hiding A Secret Girlfriend, Source Says

Niall Horan is somewhere near Melbourne for his 20th birthday, and fans of One Direction have taken to Twitter in a frenzied search for the boy band star.

If speculation is true, Niall could be paying a visit to his secret girlfriend.

Horan officially waves goodbye to his teenage years on Friday the 13th, and for his 20th birthday the One Direction star has traveled to visit family in Melbourne. Fans figured this out when an onlooker took a picture of Niall going through customs at Melbourne Airport.

From there, the hunt began. Fans posted sightings on Twitter, keeping track of his whereabouts as he moved through the city. They even came up with the hashtag #NiallisinMelbourne in an attempt to keep track of his movements.

“Niall is in Melbourne and I just saw him in the city!! Everyone was freaking out!! Shook his hand. Nice guy,” one tweet said.

The hunt for Niall Horan has run into some false leads, however. One fan said he ran into Niall in the city and shook his hand, but the poster later revealed that he made the whole thing up.

While he’s the subject of a One Direction fan manhunt, Niall seems to be enjoying his birthday.

“Yesss! I’m 20! Wohooo! No more teens!” he tweeted on Friday.

It’s not clear how long Niall Horan will be staying in Australia, but One Direction is set to return that later this month for the down under leg of their tour.

There is speculation that Niall may be visiting a special lady during his trip. Ramzy Khachnik, the manager of One Direction’s personal trainer Mark Jarvis, recently told Yahoo omg! that Niall has a secret girlfriend on the side..

”All the others have had secret girlfriends except Harry, Niall has one too but I don’t know who it is,” said Khachnik.

Though he’s not exactly a firsthand source, Ramzy’s speculation about Niall Horan and his secret love life have been confirmed by his One Direction bandmates.

“Niall Horan’s actually a secret ladies’ man, he gets about bless him,” Liam Payne recently said.

If it’s true, Niall Horan is going to be disappointing a lot of young One Direction fans.